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                • Batch delivery of equipments
                • Steel srtucture
                • Environmental protection machinery
                • Wastewater Treatment Equipment
                • Biopharmaceutical industry
                • Crusher
                • Pressure vessel
                Yangzhou Haiying machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.
                        Yangzhou Haiying machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and located on a beautiful and historic city in Jiangdu area, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province.
                        It is  an innovative technology company, which has experience in manufacturing various kinds of mine cement machinery and the manufacturing qualification of pressurevessel,the pressure vessel and biopharmaceutical company have repeatedly cooperated with jiaozuo health yuan, yukangkang pharmaceutical group anhui bio-pharmaceutical co., LTD., lizhu group ningxia fuxing pharmaceutical co., LTD., yili chuanningbiologicalco.,LTD., dongrui pharmaceutical co., ltd. and henan jindan lactic acid technology co., LTD.Mining machinery steel structure for many times by China sinoma international engineering Co.,Ltd.ChengduDesign& Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. Hefei Cement Research&Design Institute,CATIC Building Co.,Ltd. Beijing Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd. Xinjiang Triumph Building Materials Designing Institute many times. Yangzhou Haiying machine Manufacture Co., Ltd has been dedicated to manufacturing and inspection work for LOESCHE,HAAS,HAVER&BOECKER,IKN,CP, PFEIFFER,UBE and has established a sound cooperation relations with them.Products are exported to Egypt, Pakistan, Georgia and other countries.
                        The company covers an area of 40000 square metres and has more than 260 workers,12% of them are engineering technicians and has 60 professional technicians. It specialized in the production of various foreign batch delivery of equipments, steel structure, crusher, bio-pharmaceutical equipment, environmental protection equipment and other products. It has perfect practical experience, strong technical force, strong quality service, excellent quality, which meet customers' requirements genuinely.
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                Yangzhou Haiying machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. 蘇ICP備17075261號-1
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